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Updating to New Content

Thank you so much for your early support of The ASL App. We would have never been able to bring you all those exciting new updates without your support from the beginning!

With all the encouragement we got, we felt that we could give back to all of you by continuing to update the $9.99 bundle with the new and upcoming sign bundles! If you already bought the $9.99 Launch Special, you are set!

By purchasing The ASL App Pack, you wont need to ever purchase any bundles again! But you do need to restore your purchase to download the new and updated content. Tap on ‘Get More Signs’ and then scroll down the list of sign bundles until you see the button labeled ‘Restore Purchases’. Ensure that you are on a solid Wi-Fi connection, then tap that button and begin your restore. The total restore is approximately 350 megabytes and can take a bit to finish. Let the restore finish, then you should see all the new and updated bundles!

Other Issues

Apple has put restrictions on what type of content can be shared via Family Sharing plan. In App Purchases are included on that list of restrictions. So purchases of Sign Bundles by other family members will not be shared with other members on the Family Sharing plan.

We have renamed Launch Special to The ASL App Pack to better reflect the fact that it includes all the sign bundles for one price! Buying the ASL App Pack will also get you future bundles for free. We’re not going to promise you how long that “future” will be, but we want you to feel like you got your money’s worth!

No you don’t! The ASL App Pack is the same product as the Launch Special, it has only been renamed. Now you won’t have to pay for new bundles we’ll release in near future.

In-App Purchase Assistance

I paid for an in app purchase, but it didn’t show up!

Thank you for supporting us in our early days!  We’ve had a bit of teething problems regarding bundle downloads and we are working hard on updates to make it a more reliable experience.  But – not to worry, once you have paid for your purchase, there is no need to purchase anything again.  Please follow these steps and it should get you back to where you were: learning ASL!

Ensure you are on Wifi and have at least 15 minutes.

The most common cause of installation problems is exiting The ASL App before the bundles have had a chance to fully download and install.  Some bundles especially the group bundles are quite large, over 300 MB, and can take 10+ minutes to download and several minutes to install over slower connections.   When purchasing bundles, ensure that the download and install is complete before exiting the app.  We are working on updates that will make this more clear for our users.

Restoring Missing Bundles from Purchases

If you purchased and downloaded a group bundle and have reason to believe that not all the bundles you purchased were installed – do not worry, your purchase is not lost and you don’t need to re-purchase anything.  Follow the steps below to get all the bundles you paid for.

  • Launch The ASL App, and tap “Get More Signs” on bottom of the app.
  • Scroll down to the very bottom of the bundles list until you see “Restore Purchases” button.
  • Tap “Restore Purchases”, and accept the confirmations.  No additional charges will be posted to your account.
  • Do not exit the app or disconnect from Wi-Fi until all the installs are complete.
  • Start learning ASL!

We are working on improvements to The ASL App that will make all of this easier to manage in future updates!

Using the App

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