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Hello! Here you’ll find resources we have created that we are excited to share. We have high-quality ASL resources for students and teachers!

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The ASL App can be downloaded for free on your iOS or Android device. There are 7 free bundles to start with. They are ABCs, Numbers, Universal Gestures, Handshape Exercises, and Basic Phrases.

Once you download, bundles are accessible anytime, even offline.

ABCs – printable

Purchasing the full The ASL App pack gets you full access to all bundles currently released and all future bundles released for a one-time cost.

  • There are 28 current bundles on a wide variety of real life and daily use topics and many more undergoing development.
  • Basic Bundles: ABC, Numbers, Gestures, Handshape Exercises, The Basics, More Basics, Colors, Nyle Sampler
  • Theme Specific Bundles: Appearances, Moods, Party, Dining, Food, Nature/Outdoors, Time, Money, Countries, Nyle related Signs, Celebrations, Family, Family Milestones/Events, Pop Culture/Social Media, Politics/Voting, Sports, Education, Higher Education, LGBT/Pride, and Emergency Signs



























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